Monday, November 27, 2017

Structure, Discipline and the Universe

This is a story about lessons in life, structure, and the universe. We transition into this life with certain goals and lessons that we want to achieve; that we want to learn. 

Let's say you decided in the spiritual realm that you wanted to lean about structure and guidelines. Every planet has metaphysical, scientific, and geographical properties that make up it's planetary ecosystem. All entities, be they plant, animal, or homosaphiens, must follow this global morphology or zoology. Most of it's done automatically and some is not. 

So lets say you came here, you incarnated into this life to learn structure. Bear in mind, the universe has no emotions; she has no feelings. The universe understands that you want to learn structure. You're born into this world and because of what is referred to as an "Amnesiac Block" you're not going to immediately know why you're here and what you are here to accomplish (and some people never know).

Many of us are behind the eight ball from the time we exit our mother's womb because of inherent religious conditioning. You have parents splashing 'holy water' on their children, when there is no such thing as holy water. Parents immediately begin to indoctrinate their children into a pious, medieval belief system, based solely on superstition, speculation, emotions, and plagiarized mythology.

One must consciously and subconsciously navigate his or her way through the myriad stumbling blocks to begin to separate the methodical wheat from the apocryphal chaff; to comprehend what you set out to learn and how to go about your earthly journey.

In a previous life, there was no structure and it either proved to be fatal to you or you hurt someone because of your lack of commitment to discipline and following guidelines. Remember, the universe has no feelings, no emotions, so it will teach you that which you want to learn, by any means necessary.

As early as 4, 5, 6 or 7 years of age, you will get subtle lessons about structure. Maybe in a favorite cartoon or the expressions of a wise Aunt or Uncle who tells humorous moral bromides. You may not get it then, but 5-20 years down the road you will get lessons about patience, love, structure, etc. The more you miss the easy lessons, they become more complex, a bit more complicated down the road. Once again, the universe shows no favorites and the lessons will keep coming. You asked for it, so you shall receive. 

Our true selves, 100% energy, we don't have emotions in the spiritual realm either. Therefore, when we transition, we won't look back on this life and say, "I can't believe I spent 30 years in prison, just to learn structure." You're going to say, "OK, now I get it, now I understand." The 30 years in prison will seem like a blip in time. You won't be concerned about the terrestrial time spent incarcerated because you will have accomplished one of the main themes you came here to learn. When it's time for another incarnation, there will be other lessons to learn. 

The moral of the story is you're getting subtle lessons about structure, rules and regulations now, don't wait for them to become more challenging.

Aimee Michael, a college graduate who was home for a short while over the Easter holiday, headed to grad school, may have set a goal before incarnating, to learn about structure. Ms. Michael never made it to graduate school because she is now learning about structure in a medium security prison. 

On April 12, 2009, Aimee committed two counts of Vehicular Homicide, and because she left the scene of the accident, with her appeals being exhausted, she could spend the next 28 years locked up. She was given a 50-year prison sentence and would have to serve 36; her release date is 10/14/2045. She went into the prison system at 23, unless she gets early parole, she will walk out at the age of 59.
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